Free GP Care

Woods Surgery - Free GP CareFree GP Care is available to persons under a certain level of income and their families through the HSE GMS schemes of a full medical card or Doctor Visit Card. For further information on eligibility click here.

Under 6 Doctor Visit Card

We are accepting children under 6 years old for free GP medical care – see the How do I…? section to register.

Asthma Assessments

As part of the new Under 6 GP care scheme, asthma sufferers are entitled to an annual review of their condition until they reach 6 years of age as well as a 3 month review after the initial diagnosis.

Periodic Reviews

At age 2 and 5 years, each registered child will be afforded an assessment to check their well-being. Please contact the surgery around the time of these birthdays to make an appointment.

What is covered by this scheme?

As per the current GMS scheme, most medical checks by the GP will be covered by the Doctor Visit Card. However certain items are NOT covered such as forms to be signed for creches / schools / passports / insurance. Examinations for medical reports for sports or legal purposes are also NOT covered. While normal childhood vaccinations are free under the national immunisation program, travel vaccinations are not. If you have any queries with regards to these, please contact the surgery for further information.

For further advise on management of childhood illness click here.

Over 70’s Care

Once you have turned 70 years of age, you are entitled, under the current GMS scheme, to a Doctor Visit Card regardless of your income. For further information and to register click here.

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